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Published: October 23, 2012

The Jonas Brothers perform before an exhilarated Filipino crowd, Oct. 19 (Photo by ROWENA JOY A. SANCHEZ)

MANILA, Philippines --- Even the burly bouncers inside the Mall of Asia Arena couldn’t have stopped a number of frantic fans from rushing to and cramming behind the barricade near the stage just to get a closer sight of the Jonas Brothers during their first Philippine concert, Oct. 19.

Not to be outdone, the VIP holders unabashedly stood on their chairs when Nick, Joe, and Kevin took the stage. From the ear-splitting screams to the desperate declarations of love, it almost sounds as if these young female fans were having a heart attack. Indeed, their passion and dedication for the trio were enough rock the venue that they had filled to the raters. .

In return, the Jonas Brothers delivered a no-frills show, and just focused on the music—as they had promised during the local press conference held the day before. Truth be told, the boys need not do too much on stage and would still probably elicit the same intense response from the fans that gamely followed their groove and sang the whole of the Brothers’ 25-song set list almost word-for-word. From the opener “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” to the climactic “Love Bug,” “SOS,” and the encore “Burnin’ Up,” the fans’ energy was at a perfect 100.

There were more improvisations in terms of musical arrangements than the boys’ vocals, spiced up with the help of the Jonas Brothers Band, who’s been with the three for six years now. The songs “Give Love A Try,” “Turn Right,” and “Pushin’ Me Away” turned into cool, country-fied jamming sessions, while “Hold On” got a reggae touch.

Successful mash-ups also took some of JoBro’s songs to new heights. “Fly With Me,” “Feelin’ Alive,” and “Hello Beautiful” were brilliantly combined with Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” Calvin Harris’ “Feels So Close,” and fun.’s “We Are Young,” respectively.

Nick’s artistry especially shone through that night, with his unassuming rock star aura and multi-instrumental skills (keyboards, percussion, and guitar). Yet his vulnerability was exposed in his heartfelt solo performances of “Wedding Bells” (one of the three new songs they introduced that night) and “A Little Bit Longer.”

Special mention goes to opening act Anna Maria Perez de Tagle for owning the stage as if she were the main act. She easily charmed the crowd, especially when she spoke in straight Filipino and sang OPM songs namely “Please Be Careful With My Heart,” “Torete,” and “Hinahanap-Hanap Kita.” She further exhibited effortless showmanship in song-and-dance numbers, such as in “Insomnia,” her own composition.

The Jonas Brothers’ second Philippine concert takes place on Oct. 20 at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Cebu City.

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